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All New Review #10

Reviewing a new issue of All New X-men is tough since how each issue that comes out feels exactly the same as the last- which is a whole lot of talking and very little progression. Issue 10 continues the trend but with underwhelming results.Basically Cyclops comes to the jean grey school to seek for applicants, Wolverine, Kitty and a few others argue with him...and that's it. Oh, and Mystique's group rob some banks, however because those panels are undercut by the soap-opera drama later between the x-men and the original five its hard to really care nor remember. Stuart Immonen continues to create outstanding artwork and does a good job at making the new designs for the extinction team look less ridiculous, however his Wolverine is drawn as if he has to take the sloppiest diarrhea, especially int he last panel, which also may have one of the most laughable cliffhangers so far this year. I mentioned in my last review that All New X-Men feels like comfort food, well to add to that, All New X-Men feels like the same comfort food I have been having for months, and I am at that point were I might just skip this meal entirely and move on to something else.


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