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On, Nothing I couldn't Handle..

It's times like these that I am reminded of as to why I'm glad that Marvel is relaunching some of the titles, because in all honesty I wouldn't have been able to catch up to davids work other wise which would have been a real shame because he is a great writer, as I've probably mentioned, many times, in my previous reviews. Moving on...

PAD really makes sure that you understand what's going on in the issue by formulating the dialogue in a way in which allows these explanations to be planted into the story, because we have to remember that this is a jumping point, meaning that there are people like me who haven't read davids run on X-factor before, thus we have no understanding of what had been happening before, so it's nice that he manages to incorporate short summaries to make things easier for the new readers. Now one of the first things I wanted to highlight on was the characterization, take note that I am absolutely new to these characters, and while I don't have the right claim to say who and who's not written IN character just yet, I'd assume that everyone has remained as they should be considering that the series was well accepted on almost every comic board i've been to, including comicvine for that matter. Besides, as a new guy David does a pretty good job of grabbing my interesting when it comes to the characters, gambit is absolutely great here and despite his limited abilities watching him utilize his power set so well is a blast to watch. Moreover, it seems that Peter David still has his ability to introduce single-issue type villains, though as of now I'm not sure if we'll see the main bad guy again, i'm under the impression that he was just here to play a specific role, though you never know, PAD managed to install a couple of interesting plot points here and there which should keep any reader captivated. And as it is typical for David, the sharp humor and fun atmosphere is still present, which is great of course. On the other hand, I was taken by surprise because the ending was very abrupt, it felt like the middle of the issue and then just out of nowhere there is the end page. Don't me wrong, I liked the issue but the ending was a bit sudden if you ask me.

Now moving on to the art. I'm not really a huge fan of Carmine, he wouldn't be my first choice, but I have to say that he fits in well with the series. His visuals coped with the vivid colors does make for good action scenes and gives it a real cinematic feel. Although the faces, at times, are a bit wonky, I think I remarked this on the previous issue as well, but it's not really a big problem.

Overall, David does not disappoint, the art is good, the characters are fun to read about, the dialogue is witty and funny, and there is, of course, as you'd expect, awesome action sequences. So yeah, get the book now or something.

Recommendation: Yes!

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Peter David.

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