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Amatsu-Kami (Japanese Gods) to Walker

This update also includes a page devoted to the Contest of Champions.


What’s the origin of M-11 the Human Robot? Who are the members of the Circus of Crime? What are the powers of Spider-Man 2099? Who are Digitek and Garko the Man-Frog? Who was Cage’s first costumed foe? Find the answers to all these questions and many more here, as the Official Handbook continues to visit not just the Marvel Universe proper, but all related universes beyond! This one has something for everyone! New characters getting their first Handbook coverage? Freedom Ring, Death’s Head 3.0, Nextwave and more – CHECK! Older characters not covered in 2000s Handbooks? Arcade, Circus of Crime, Graviton, Ikaris, Impossible Man, In-Betweener, Tiger Shark and more – CHECK! Older characters that never had a Handbook entry before? Bug-Eyed Voice, Human Robot, Thundersword and more – CHECK! Major characters getting massive expansions and updates to reflect their new status? Norman Osborn, Quasar, Storm and more – CHECK! Entries for major events, technology, pantheons and alien races – and for characters from different countries, deepest space, other realities, dimensions, and past and future eras – covering more of Marvel’s universes than ever before? Contest of Champions, Digitek, Badoon, MC2’s Fantastic Five, New Universe’s Mark Hazzard, Japanese Gods, the M’kraan Crystal, Spider-Man 2099 and more – CHECK!







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