theacidskull's All-New Ghost Rider #1 - Engines of Vengeance, Part 1 review


Despite the understandable reluctance of some fans, mostly Ghost Rider fans, I couldn't really help myself from getting excited for this title. What can I say? A flaming skull driving something powered by hell fire kinda screams COOL in my book, as ironic as it sounds. And it's easier for me to get invested into the character since i've never been attached to any other ghost rider prior to this one. I do admit that a motorcycle is cooler than a car, but considering that that gimmick is taken by someone else, it's a good substitute in my opinion.

Look I'll be completely honest here, I thought the issues was pretty okay story wise. The writer does a good job of giving you just what kind of guy Robbie is, and while I'm sure there is more to his characters, there isn't much to go about from the first glimpse of the issue. Still, there are some good moments and I'm glad the writer didn't decided to go with cliche route of the feeble younger brother being beaten by bullies when all of a sudden the older one comes to save the day. No one truly wins- is the message I'm assuming the writer wanted to convey, and he did a good job of that. The scene serves to give you a general idea on the characters, the environment , and the tone of the new ghost rider series, and in that aspect it succeeds. Tho I have to say that the dialogue did feel, specially between the main to characters, at a times a but weird, maybe some background information will give me a general idea on what's going on in the further installments, because I do have a hunch.

Anyways, the true gold of this issues is the art, which is very specific and does need some time to get use to, but honestly the story telling is very detailed and amazing. The art itself tells you a story separately on it's on, which could really improve the general enjoyment of the issues, especially if the art flows well with the plot, which in this case it does. there is a scene where a storm of thoughts are summarized in a single page and basically puts the emotions of the main character, robbie, on display.

Don't let the 3.5 star score and my tone throw you off, this is a good issue and I did enjoy it, but I think that the entertainment value and quality will rise as we get to learn more about these characters. Remember that this isn't an already established protagonist in the marvel Universe, so his introduction is a bit harder than usual.

Recommendation: Yeah, sure.


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