necroziel's All-New Ghost Rider #1 - Engines of Vengeance, Part 1 review

3...2...#1 GO-st Rider


Felipe Smith starts off this new Ghost Rider, with a bang and I really enjoyed this issue. What gives this book such heart, is the central relationship between the new Ghost Rider, Robbie, and His brother Gabe. It’s clear that Robbie feels that he has to provide for Gabe, and is particularly protective of him due to his brother’s disability. This relationship was totally believable and really quite heart warming, especially when you see the lengths that Robbie is willing to go to, to get him and his brother a big break. Even if this includes breaking the law, which is of course what leads Robbie to his fate in this book. Smith’s choice to have Robbie be a character who’s impulsive and potentially a danger to himself are interesting and lead to a dynamic that I don’t think‘s seen in Marvel Heroes’ often.

Tradd Moore’s pencils aren’t usually to my tastes. However here they really work. His style has a really kinetic feel to it and at times it’s as though the characters are actually moving in the panel. The way Moor draws Robbie’s death and transformation were incredible and I found myself really scrutinising the page because of how gorgeous it looks. The colouring in this issue is also a real treat.

The story itself is beautiful in its simplicity, and leaves us the reader with a really good hook. I’m certainly hoping that all the bad people we meet in this issue, and we meet a lot, get what’s coming to them.


For a series called Ghost Rider, the titular spirit of vengeance doesn’t really make much of an appearance except for right at the end. Also I feel that we don’t get much of an explanation about what has happened to Robbie, which could potentially leave new readers feeling confused about how he went from a man to a flame headed skeleton.


This is the start of what appears to be a really interesting run, I’ve never been a huge fan of ghost rider so I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked this issue. This is most likely down to the relationship between the two brothers, that and it’s always fun to see bad thngs happen to bd people.


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