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The aftermath of THE FLASH: THE FASTEST MAN ALIVE #13. The Fastest Man Alive's world changes forever!

Wally West is the Flash. The Fastest Man Alive. He is back but was too late to save Bart. Now he is out to catch Bart's killer.

Flashback to one hour ago

Wally, Linda, and the twins are sucked back to the present day. Wally finds themselves in front of the Justice League and the Justice Society. When Wally introduces the twins, Iris and Jai, Superman comments that the last time he saw them (not that long ago) they were still newborns. Wally cuts him off and says they'll talk about that later. Wally then senses something wrong in the Speed Force when Batman calls. He gives them word of what is going down in Los Angeles with the Rogues.

Flashback to 59 minutes ago

In Los Angeles, Bart Allen is dead. Iris Allen West sits over his body as the Rogues look on. They seem to be at a loss. They didn't intend to murder him but things got out of hand. They quickly realize that all the heroes will be after them and try to place all the blame on Inertia. As the Rogues try to capture Inertia for betraying his promise of unlimited power to them, he simply runs off.

Running for his life now, he sees a red and yellow blur coming up from behind. Inertia's first reaction is that Bart is somehow back. Seeing the look on his face, he is shocked when he figures it must be Wally even though he thought he was dead. Wally continues to hold him by the collar, smashing and running along. Wally begins using the speed force like he never has before. He begins draining the speed force off of Inertia. Inertia tries saying that it was Wally that took Bart's powers away, leaving him powerless against the Rogues. As he tells Wally, a smile comes across his face. He tells him that when he died, he "screamed like a little bitch."

Wally is outraged. He has never wanted to kill a man before and thinks that Inertia is not actually a man. He's a kid and a clone of Bart. But he does have a part of Bart in him somewhere. Wally decides he can't kill him but will do something worse.

One week later

Wally is with his Aunt Iris. He asks how she and Bart's girlfriend are doing. Iris says Val is young and will be able to move on. She was told that if she ever needed or wanted to talk, she's considered family. She finally asks what happened to Inertia. Wally tells her that he immobilized him permanently. He is like a statue but alive, forever staring at a monument of Bart, seeing the man that he could never be. He says that the rest of the Rogues haven't been found yet but he has friends looking for them. Across the world, they are getting picked up.

Wally begins to apologize for Bart's death. Iris stops him and asks if he had a choice in coming back. Wally says no so Iris tells him to act like Bart and not dwell on things beyond his control. She tells him to be a good family man as they look out at the twins with Linda in the backyard. He asks her if she remembers anything about the future of the West family. She gets a look in her eyes and says, "Not really..." What we get is a glimpse of the super-powered family.

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