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Sgt. Storm Cloud

Only one thing separated the Sioux Sergeant from sudden death -- his Indian forest lore! But when he had no way of using it, his chances for survival became slim!

The Last Passenger!

August, 1776! Under cover of fog, survivors of the revolutionary Army are escaping a British trap! All night, tiny boats manned by Maine soldiers, have been ferrying troops across the East River! Now, there is but a single boatman left, fighting back waves of fear, as he asks himself why he should risk his life to await... The Last Passenger!

The Blue Coat Cavalry!

It is 1875! The hot Montana sun bakes the plains as a kicked-up billow of dust can be seen from Fort Osage! The Outpost has been alerted for such a sign... for Chief Crazy Horse has his Ogala Sioux on the warpath! But who is this strange rider galloping madly madly on? What urgent message does he bring?

On Target! (Text only story)

Dead End Street

War means many things to many people! To some, battle above the clouds! To others, a hunt below the sea, with themselves as the quarry! To Alex, a young combat infantryman, it meant a... Dead End Street







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