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Featured in this issue is the "Origin of Doctor Midnite!" Charles McNider is a famous surgeon. One day he answers a police emergency call to attend a man who has been shot. The man in question is an informer and his evidence could put leading mob members away for a long time. McNider saves the man's life and later goes to visit him. However, the mob knows where he lives, and a hand grenade through the window blows the building to smithereens. The only person who survives this explosion is McNider - but at the cost of his eyesight.

Frustrated, McNider begins to dictate fictional crime stories to his former nurse Myra Mason. Although these are works of fiction, the thrust of their themes is not lost on the mob who recognize that McNider is writing about them! One night when McNider is alone, a thunderstorm causes a frightened owl to break through McNider's window. Removing the bandages that cover his eyes, McNider is amazed to discover he can see! Putting the light on to tend the creature before him, McNider is suddenly blinded again. The truth then dawns upon him: like the owl (whom he adopts and names Hooty), McNider can only see in the dark.

Designing a costume for himself and a blackout bomb as a weapon against any criminals he may encounter from now on, Mcnider becomes Dr Mid-Nite.

Meanwhile, another honest citizen has been seriously wounded for not paying protection money to the mob, and he has a 1 in 1000 chance of survival. Those odds are still too big for the mob and they send a hitman to disconnect the hospital's electricity supply. However, Dr Mid-Nite, who still has McNider's surgical skill, is able to perform the life-saving operation this man requires. Dr Mid-Nite (along with Hooty) then proceeds to round up the mob and the evidence from the man whose life McNider saved on the operating table convicts them.

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