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Green Lantern Begins

As is always the case with digging through the comic archives, there is an array of other considerations to remember such as context.

Decades ago, the first appearance of any Green Lantern occurred in this issue of All-American Comics.   I enjoyed the narrative as a simple frame which first explains the modern catastrophe of a train crash and then jumps back in time to explain the history of the Green Lantern.  Naturally, the dialog is very straight-forward and predictable, but it also manages to still be fun and engaging.   The art is a simple style I appreciate and enjoy reading, where simple figures illustrate the story, but we get far more text than we are used to in modern comics.
So what makes this comic worth reading?  Well, if you're pressed for time, you can certainly take it in.  This issue is very short, clocking in at only 8 pages, but it manages to tell just about as much story as a modern comic book issue.  There is no shortage of text.  Another bizarre inclusion is the death of the villain in this issue, Dekker.  While the narration seems to absolve Alan Scott of any role in the con-man's demise, he clearly suffers something similar to a heart attack after being forcefully taken from his home and flown through the air at incredible heights.  Of course, we're left to view this death as "justice" and "fate" and not any part of Alan's doing.
If you're an Alan Scott fan, this is an issue not to be missed.  It's an origin and not a bad one, but don't go in expecting the grandeur this character and mythology have risen to.
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