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The villainous witch named Alizarin Crimson was first mentioned was when it was learned that she had once faced the heroine known as Synn. This epic battle, still renowned, took the name of the Capricorn Chronicles in the  Femforce Files. Later, Nightveil (Laura Wright) became trapped in a nightmare where Alizarin Crimson was present. In that dream, among others, Alizarin was shown as having taken Nightveil's cloak of darkness which was the source of her powers. Nightveil seemed to have become the helpless puppet of Alizarin.
Alizarin and Nightveil were the bitterest enemies for years. Two things had once given victory to the witch against Nightveil: First was Laura's constant desire to live the life of a normal woman without powers. Second, her journey into the past had weakened the energy level of her Cloak of Darkness significantly. Now that she had the powers of Nightveil, Alizarin turned toward her goal of destroying Femforce.
 Alizarin Crimson defeats Femforce
Nightveil, under the control of Alizarin, eventually became her puppet, just as her nightmare had foretold. Gradually, Alizarin Crimson (through Nightveil) deceived and corrupted Femforce members Colt, She-Cat and Tara.  The four became the new "disciples" of the witch, but the worst was to come.  Their corporate headquarters building in Orlando, owned by T.C. Fremont, collapsed and the population believed that Colt, She-Cat, Tara and Nightveil were responsible. The intervention of Roger Brant ( Shade), who worked in the building before the evacuation, protected many people from death, though he was unable to defeat Nightveil and Alizarin. 

The whole team was now in Alizarin's hands. She separated the astral and physical forms, making them all vulnerable. By doing so, she could control their bodies while their astral forms were held in stasis.  Dr. Pretorius had also given her further means to destroy Femforce.
Eventually Claudette Meyler ( She-Cat) forced Alizarin to release her by verbally confronting the witch. Later, Tara ran with Janis into a castle-like structure, before meeting up with Colt. The castle turned out to be Alizarin's magical stronghold. Colt had a vision that revealed where Nightveil's astral self was imprisoned in the castle, and the two women tried to reach the prison. The spirit of Nightveil was actually inside Colt's head, giving her the vision. Alizarin then surprised and attacked Colt and Tara before they could open the door to Nightveil's prison. But by attacking, she inadvertently blasted the prison door open. The spirit of Nightveil left the body of Colt and returned to her own body, fully powered again. As Nightveil unleashed all of her power against Alizarin, Tara and Colt fled from castle. They managed to escape before the battle between Nightveil and Alizarin caused the castle to explode. Nightveil survived the explosion, but Alizarin was nowhere to be found.

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