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What is your favorite alien character ?
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 I was gonna use him for my new avatar, but he's got a kinda boring head; he's an awesome character, nonetheless
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  1. this kind, the way they make love is so hot
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I like all those green, white (and red!) Martians from DC^^
And the black ones, you know, like Marvin and the Queen Tyranee in the Looney tunes XD

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The Symbiote.

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My favorite alien character? The list is too long.

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Various, I'll tell you all the ones I can think of off the top of my head:

Lyja the lazerfist (Skrull)

Martian Manhunter (Martian, no REALLY!)

Fiz (Skrull)

Lockheed (Space Dragon... I THINK...)

Warlock (Technorganic Alien)

Beta Ray Bill (I can't remember what his people were called.)

Howard the Duck (Errr, Close enough right?)

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