If you encounter aliens in your backyard, what would you do?

Posted by The Impersonator (6290 posts) - - Show Bio

If I had encountered aliens in my backyard, I would definitely get a camera, sneak in and get a picture for evidence. What would you do if you encountered them?

#1 Posted by Renchamp (3828 posts) - - Show Bio

E.T. aliens or War of the Worlds aliens? Either way, I'm sure it would involve crapping myself.

#2 Posted by Jonny_Anonymous (38324 posts) - - Show Bio


#3 Posted by venomoushatred1001 (12339 posts) - - Show Bio

Shoot it.

#4 Posted by CATPANEXE (9505 posts) - - Show Bio

see the doctor and have my Zyprexa levels checked and dosage upped.

actually not the guy here, he tried to get me to join some weird Black Triangle Ufo cult so the effort would be a little counter productive.

#5 Posted by rogue_mar1e (20180 posts) - - Show Bio

Film + investigate. I think.

#6 Posted by WarMachineMarkV (1234 posts) - - Show Bio

- I would teach him/her it how to do The Dougie as a form of intergalactic relations

#7 Posted by KEROGA (1194 posts) - - Show Bio

ask if it speaks english...

#8 Posted by Superskrull86 (1883 posts) - - Show Bio

The aliens from the movie "ALIENS", call some Predators. "E.T." aliens, sell it on eBay.

#9 Posted by danhimself (21208 posts) - - Show Bio

this kind of alien?

The Skrulls

or this kind of alien?

cause I would do two completely different things

#10 Posted by The Impersonator (6290 posts) - - Show Bio

@danhimself: Hmmmm. Interesting choices. I don't know what you would do with a Skrull. Maybe tell it to teach you how to shape-shift or do it for you? Anyways, I do understand why you picked Starfire though. :P

#11 Posted by Jonny_Anonymous (38324 posts) - - Show Bio
@danhimself: You could always get the Skrull to look like Starfire?
#12 Posted by danhimself (21208 posts) - - Show Bio

@spiderbat87: yeah but then it would just be weird since Skrull guys that look like girls are still technically guys....then I wouldn't know how to act the next day

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