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Sci-Fi & Horror all rolled in one....

I had the luxury of sorts of seeing this movie as a kid.  Granted, I may have been too young to see the movie, but my Dad and I shared a love for Sci-Fi and he took me to see this with him at the Drive-In.  Wonder how many Viners have been to a Drive-In Theatre......
Regardless,  I  was enamored with Sigourney Weaver and I also damn near pooped myself during the scene where the alien breaks through the character's chest.  Oh, yeah, I think it made a lot of people jump, and that scene alone is worth watching, even if the FX may seem a bit dated, I think it still holds up today.   
To reveal too much of the movie would be a disservice if you've somehow not seen it already, so all I can say is to either rent this Classic Sci-Fi/Horror movie or just go out and buy it, because:   In one can hear you scream.......
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Posted by Liberty

My Dad took me to see Jaws II when I was four.  I still hate swimming.

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