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Alice is the last in a long line of children sacrificed to the realm of Wonderland in order that Charles Dodgson maintain his youth. Despite escaping she left an aspect of herself behind in the realm. This meant that throughout her life that she was perceived to be crazy. She managed a relatively regular life with her high school sweetheart and even married and had two children, but an aspect of the madness always remained.


Alice first appeared in Grimm Fairy Tales Presents: Return to Wonderland #0. She is based off of the main character from the novel Alice in Wonderland.

Character Evolution

Throughout the multitude of series based around Wonderland the internal turmoil of Alice has been shown. Having left an aspect of her personality behind in Wonderland she struggled for a normal childhood despite the fact that she was accepted at school and had many friends. Later on after marrying Lewis Liddle and giving birth to Calie and Johnny, she undergoes something akin to a nervous breakdown. The background behind these events is told after the fact to Calie's own journey through Wonderland.

Alice receives the white rabbit

Alice's craziness is often alluded to in different ways though as with the rest of the characters in the Grimm Fairy Tales Wonderland stories, that craziness is often not fully recognized as being separate from the influence of Wonderland. For instance, after reaching new depths of her battle against depression, Alice is given a white rabbit as a pet in order that it might calm her. The white rabbit is also a key creature in the original Wonderland story by Carroll (though the rabbit has a smaller influence on the overall Wonderland story lines.)

As with her daughter, she is sometimes displayed with different names, though these are generally some play on the name Alice. For instance, for a time in Wonderland she is called Lacie though this is simply the letters from the name Alice rearranged (as is the name of her daughter Calie.)

Major Story Arcs

Alice attempts suicide.

Alice first appears as a supporting character in the series Return to Wonderland. Her supposed craziness is one of the driving factors in Calie questioning her own insanity as she often has to deal with her mother herself. She is the first to discover her mother after a suicide attempt by cutting her wrists in a hot bathtub, and Calie is forced to deal with the repercussions of a brother that is not old enough to deal with such things and a father that is not responsible enough. The same evil forces that sought to corrupt Alice and give the Jabberwocky a means of infiltrating Earth now have Calie as a potential target and means to escape and so she too is drawn to Wonderland.

Mother and daughter are reunited in Wonderland

After Calie is drawn through the rabbit hole she is put on a similar though much darker path as the main character in the original novel (and similar to the same journey that her mother took.) She meets a mysterious woman known as Lacie, but when Lacie later comes to Calie's rescue Calie discover that this is actually the sane version of her mother which has been captured in Wonderland since Alice was a small girl. Eventually her mother comes to her aid and forces Calie back to Earth. There Calie finds that her mother has committed suicide. The Wonderland version of her remains though and she eventually confronts her son Johnny who has become the Mad Hatter. He seemingly kills her for good, but she eventually briefly returns in the Escape from Wonderland series.

Alice returns from the hole.

Her entire story is eventually told as a prequel in the Alice in Wonderland series. This also picks up from the Tales From Wonderland: One Shot which featured Alice being sent down the rabbit hole for the first time. To the amazement of her parents she comes back right away, the only person to ever leave Wonderland. What they do not know though is that she did not come back completely. There is still a version of Alice which resides within Wonderland. Eventually the child in Wonderland makes a deal with the Jabberwocky to switch over to the other world and imprisoning the more fully grown Alice in the Wonderland on the other side of the mirror.

Alice is delivered to the March Hare

The older Alice is now a prisoner of the Jabberwocky while the younger Alice has taken the place of the free Alice and proceeds to live Alice Liddle's life (at this point he is on the verge of going to her prom with her future husband.) Alice in Wonderland remains as a prisoner of the Jabberwocky for some time, until the schemes of others allow her to escape once the White Rabbit gets her free. She thus proceeds on some of the more common elements of the classic story. She comes across the Walrus, who first threatens to eat her but then offers her food. In so doing she exposes her to the murderous Carpenter. Alice escapes from him and then again soon again afterwards from the Cheshire Cat. She proceeds to a home in the forest where she meets a pleasant old woman. However, she is revealed to be the Mad Hatter in disguise. He drugs her and takes her to the March Hare, who had made a deal with the Hatter. He turns the table on the Hare though as the Queen of Spades has given him the Ebony Blade which can bring permanent death to those in Wonderland. During the confrontation between the Hare and the Hatter they are distracted and Alice escapes.

Split panel with Alice and the Queen of Hearts, showing the two preparing for battle.

She soon after comes under the control of the Queen of Hearts, who starts off having an amicable friendship with her, but when she interferes in a game of croquet she puts her on mock trial so that she can be executed. The Queen of Spades intervenes at the last moment and tells Alice how she can escape from Wonderland. This is for the selfish purpose of the Queen of Spades as she herself wants to rule Wonderland. Alice has a degree of power transferred to her and then meets the Jabberwocky in battle. She confronts one of his soldiers named Gravity, who is an ancestor of Alice. Eventually she is victorious. She finds out from the Queen of Spades that a miniscule portion of the Jabberwocky which was left in the real world Alice has been eliminated but the Queen also reveals that all the unfortunate events which will befall the Liddle family have already been set and that there is nothing that he can do to change them.

When her son Johnny entered Wonderland, she had since become a prisoner of the Mad Hatter. When the Hatter abducted Johnny and brings him to his dungeon, Johnny found her as a fellow prisoner. As the Hatter revealed himself to be Drake, he then attempted to violate Alice until Johnny escaped his bonds and proceeded to choke him. However, as her version back on Earth is dead, Alice was slowly fading and asked him to end her suffering. Using the Ebony Blade, he did as she asked and mournfully killed her.

Alice reappears from the dead in Wonderland #4

Alice continues to show as a recurring character in the stories of Calie and Violet, though often in flashbacks. It is never entirely clear if her appearance is a manipulation by the forces of Wonderland, the increasing insanity of Calie and Violet or if she in fact still exists in some state.

Some time later, a being known as The Maker finds Alice's spirit and reincarnates her as Love, and makes her a member of The Keepers. She regains her memories as Alice when the Maker prepares to fight against The Being.

Powers and Abilities

A regular human on Earth, she can use her own willpower to make herself more powerful in Wonderland.

It is implied in other series that the land of Wonderland is similar to that of Myst. If that is the case then Alice is likely correspondingly a Wonderland version of a falseblood.


As with the majority of other female characters in the Grimm Fairy Tales universe, the depiction of Alice differs markedly between cover art and the interior depictions of the characters. Zenescope series are well known for both their suggestive and sometimes exploitative depiction of women on the covers while equally portraying women as strong female characters within most of their stories.

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