chocolate_lantern's Alice in Wonderland review

Too much hype

I personally found Alice in Wonderland to be a bit too slow. It was a typical Tim Burton film, and Jonny Depp was well... Jack Sparrow! Maybe I just can't see him playing any other role now but it just seemed that when his character was dark/evil he had his jack sparrow voice going and it just did not work.  Over all i give the movie 2.5 of 5 stars, it did seem to take a long time, but the acting wasnt terrible, the graphics were typical burton style. over all an ok movie, rent dont buy.  
Posted by Tintallin

Thanks.  I was wondering what people were thinking of it. 

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    The first thing that stands out in any Burton movie, is the Art Direction ( Set design). Just like most of his movies, this one is a marvel to look at. He really brings Wonderland to life, as a breathing and darkly colorfull place. Much like I imagined it in the books. Hardly do we ever thing in bright primary colors such as the 1951 animated movie. The next thing of course is character design. One of the thing that threw me off was character size. I thought Tweedle Dee and dumm should have be...

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    I have seen the original film but I was very,very young so I don't remember how it went but that doesn't matter this movie is sequel to that film but in live action you don't need to see the first film to get the story. It is good. I think most of Tim Burton's movies are pretty good. The story starts to begin when in the future ,Alice is of proper age for marriage and her parents are forcing her to marry some stiff that she doesn't wish to marry her possible future husband, Hamish proposes she r...

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