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Ilse Krauss, an actress, fell in love with her own reflection. One day, her madness led her to believe that the person in the mirror had been kidnapped, when in fact it was just that Ilse had gotten older. In  a rage, she scarred the mirror with battery acid and shot herself in the head. She was put on life support in a hospital, and the mirror was thrown out. However, the insanity vibrations of Mister Nobody activated the evil inside the mirror. A few days later, a child accidentally threw a ball into the junkyard where the mirror was. As he went to retrieve it, tentacles shot out of the mirror and pulled him inside. Using the life it had absorbed, the mirror mutated into a monstrous form of Ilse, with a head made of mirror shards. It would join the Brotherhood of Dada, calling itself Alias the Blur. When John Dandy attacked the Brotherhood, the Blur was shattered in the fight. At the same time, Ilse finally died at the hospital, free from her tortured existence. 

Powers and Abilities

Alias the Blur had the power to absorb, or eat, time from anything. It can use this to rapidly age something, or use stolen life force to give itself a material form.

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