Question regarding The Dark Knight Returns

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Soo I am in the middle of the great graphic novel that I am reading for the first time and i am still wondering this. Am I the only who realizes that everyone in the book is older and it is set in the future but alfred has stayed the same age and is now younger than bruce and gordon?

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As a general rule the more iconic (or cynically, the more profitable) a character is the slower they age.  Yeah there's anachronisms aplenty (especially when dealing with 'in the future stuff') so it's artistic license.  When it comes to DKR I can't actually recall Alfred but I'm sure Miller would have wanted to play with that character.   Basically when it comes to Elseworlds, What if?'s or non-canon stuff, writers have been given the freedom to do anything continuity free and as a result time-lines and consistency gets thrown out.  My advice, just go with it, enjoy the ride!
Good taste in comics though (says the Bat fanboy)

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Alfred is about 90 in DKR, just as Bruce is now 60 and Gordon is about 78. 

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@.o0Johnny0o.:  yea i kno what u mean but like idk i think the age is jus a lil wrong lol
@Emperor Gonzo Noir: judging by the artwork alfred looks round 50 if that and bruce looks 60s or 70s and gordon looks 70s i cant see that alfred has aged one bit
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@yankeemanf: His hairline has receded even further and his hair is completely gray
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@Emperor Gonzo Noir:  idk i dont see it ....i dont rele think the artwork is very very good in the novel but the story is great tho
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@yankeemanf: Yeah, Frank Miller was never that great of an artist imo either. 
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@Emperor Gonzo Noir:  yea with a better artist the dark knight returns wouldve been an unbelievablely amazin graphic novel and i dont see the gray hair on alfred like u were sayin and u cant rele tell that alfred's hairline receting further

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