Is Alfred a Underrated Character?

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I mean, he say to Batman in the face, that being in a bat suit is for insane people and never get punched in the face. 

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Modern writers seem to have difficulty writing supporting characters well.
Look at the way Marvel are slowly turning all their supports into Supers.
Alfred's got millitary training and all sorts goin' for him.
I'm lookin' forward to Batman earth 1 to see how he's done.

#3 Posted by Soloman (130 posts) - - Show Bio

Alfred isn't underrated at all in my book. I certainly would like to see more of him though.

#4 Posted by the referee (2620 posts) - - Show Bio

I got a lot of questions about Alfred. Now remember my continuity of Alfred is off.
1) Did his family originaly work for the Waynes of the Cobblepots?
2) When did Alfred get time to serve in military? 
3) Has he ever had a love interest?

#5 Posted by Benuben (233 posts) - - Show Bio
@the referee:

Well, his father was Waynes butler, but young Alfred was goverment agent, (but he later start working as actor), He became Waynes butler, because it was his fathers last wish and he was going to stop with that soon, but he became very close friend with young  Bruce, so he stayed. And he had propably romantic relantionship with Leslie Thompkins. and in old comics, he had dauther with   Mademoiselle Marie.
#6 Posted by junkmasterzero (263 posts) - - Show Bio

Anyone who punches Deathstroke in the face is alright in my book.

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