Alfred Respect Thread

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That's right Alfred gets his own respect thread. More will be added later.

Alfred shows his own detective skills.
Alfred frees himself, before managing to incapacitate the imposter Prometheus.
Alfred frees himself from an Ubu's grip, before knocking him out with a blow to the groin.
Using a combination of his acting and hand to hand skills manages to disarm Hush.
Despite old age, he can takes a severe beating, with no serious injuries.
Alfred shows his own skill,in a sparring session with Dick Grayson.
Disguised as Two-Face, and facing torture at the hands of Killer Croc, Alfred refuses to break character.
Alfred, still disguised as Two Face, staggers Killer Croc with a tackle.
Alfred doesn't flinch from a punch thrown by a jokerized Dick Grayson.
Defeats a cadre of armed villains on his own.
That's right Alfred Pennyworth punches Deathstroke in the face.
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Oooooh yes. Awesome xD

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I thought so, Alfred never gets any respect.

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Alfred's a BAMF.

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Jarvis is gonna have to step it up. And being Iron Man's armor sometimes in other media doesn't count.

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Forget Batman, Alfred is your man!

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Anybody notice in that pace how much Dick (and I'm assuming it's Dick) looks so much like Bruce?
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Okay, that's about all I have for Alfred, course if anyone wants to add anymore feel free to.

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Alfred is a great character in the Batverse. 

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@The Dark Huntress said:
Alfred's a BAMF.
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you rock alfred! i loooove you! def more sexier than batman.

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@The Dark Huntress said:

Alfred's a BAMF.


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@nightwing91: This. Is. Amazing. I love Alfred. Many props for you.

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@Queso6p4: No problem, happy Alfred can finally get some respect. I'm working on even more scans for this.

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