Alfred is B.A.

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Now looking at this I know you're thinking  "What the-?" So let me explain. Alfred has beat attacked by villains, monsters, ninjas, and Damian

Yet after all the he says sorry for the trouble and goes back to work. It's insane how much will and endurance he has. Every day Batman comes home beaten up. Alfred fixes him up makes him and meal. And says "Might I suggest you be more careful next time sir?" After all the things that happen he stay cheerful and helpful. Alfred is can be underrated because he a Butler but he is one of the toughest people in comics.
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better than jarvis

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Alfred dealt with a teenage Batman. Props.

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This is still one of my favorites:

 Punching Deathstroke in the face.
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@Telcalipoca said:
" better than jarvis "
So agreed. 
@junkmasterzero: O_O That's amazing.
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I know It's not cannon but a friend told me he actually saved Batman in Batman Vs Predator crossover by shooting the Predator with a shotgun before it killed Bruce.  
Great forum!   
Also  what he has put up with  due to his "boys"
Bruce: basically raising and dealing with everything from the early days to now and not to mention romances
Dick: Hyper active Circus kid to Rebel Prodigal to Helping him with Damian and all his girl drama
Jason: Dealing with his anger and violent to death to return as crazed villain/anti-hero ] 
Tim: going from happy robin to moody robin to Somewhere in between Red Robin 
Damian: Shouldn't the name alone be a hint if you don't know him,Psychopathic kid to arrogant child
I Know I could be detailed and list more but this was just off the top of my head

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Here is another reason. 

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Alfred was a member of the infamous British SAS and later a Mercenary where he burned down a forest to kill on guy... and he punched Deathstroke in the face. Alfred is more BA than Batman in my opinion

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