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Alfred Coppersmith was an employee of Zum Corporation who made pharmacy products. After he was fired he vowed to bankrupt the company by lacing bottles of pain killer tablets called Zumatrin. After 4 deaths in the Queens area of New York the police warned the public about Zumatrin and Daredevil pleaded for the perpetrator to hand himself over, Coppersmith began lacing bottle of Zum mouthwash with cyanide.

Don't turn your back

It was just after this when the Punisher tracked Coppersmith down to his appartment and confronted him. Despite his powerful physique and being armed, the Punisher soon overpowered him and was about to throw him off the roof of the apartment block when Daredevil intervened. Daredevil eventually defeats the Punisher in hand-to-hand fighting, taking Alfred Coppersmith into custody to face proper justice.

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