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First appearing in Superman: Earth One - Vol.2. Doctor Alexandra Luthor, created by J.S. Micheal & Shane Davis, is shown to be just as smart if not smarter than Lex Luthor. She also appears to be the driving force that will in some form or another result in Lex Luthor hating The Man Of Steel and becoming arch enemies.

Alexandra and Lex have their own company called "Lex Squared Incorporated", she is a Theoretical Physics who works at a undisclosed university (possibly Metropolis U). She is currently pondering how to alter light frequencies through projected energy, reasons as to why is speculated as having something to do with finding a way to hurt or possibly kill Superman.

She was surprisely the one who became Superman archenemesis after the unexpectic death of her husband Lex. Now she is determined to kill Superman and has choose be called Lex.

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