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Alexandra grew up with Maya Antares (nee' Vlasova) in the Zhinsk Special Orphanage and went with her to the Citadel Military Academy. Despite being in different schools of training, they remained best friends and Alexandra introduced Maya to her future husband Marcus Antares. They, along with Marcus, his brother Urik Antares, and Kyuzo stayed together aboard the U.R.R.S. Konstantinov after they graduated.

Captain of the 8th Krawl Column, Alexandra served with distinction in the Al'Istaan War. She lost her life in a guerrilla ambush in Bahumut in the Nokgorkan conflict. Her death brought Makita and Maya in contact, bringing Marcus letter into Maya's hand and spurring the crew of the Konstantinov into rebellion.

Alexandra was a excellent tank commander and skilled in the operation of many types of military vehicles, including aircraft.

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