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Aleema Keto was a spoiled rich girl who began a study of ancient Sith and Dark Side artifacts out of boredom. She and her cousin, Satal Keto, were the co-rulers of the Empress Teta star system. She and her cousin developed a curiosity towards the Dark Side of the Force and began travelling the galaxy collecting various dark side objects and knowledge. She developed an affinity for Dark Side magic and could conjure illusions in addition to other Force abilities. She and her cousin would use their new knowledge of Dark Side to form a sect known as the Krath.

The Krath were made known the galaxy at large after they attacked a great Jedi conclave being held on the planet Deneba. During the attack, Jedi Master Arca Jeth was killed. One of his students, Ulic Qel-Droma decided to infiltrate the Krath by pretending to fall to the Dark Side of the Force and destroy them from within to avenge his Jedi Master's death. He was able to achieve this by intervening in an assassination attempt on Aleema and her cousin. Unfortunately for Ulic, over time, he no longer was pretending and started to become seduced by not only the Dark Side of the Force but also by Aleema and the two became lovers. Aleema saw Ulic as a tool and plaything that she could use to strengthen the Krath. His formal Jedi training was something that Aleema and Satal lacked and he was stronger and more knowledgeable about the Force. Aleema used the fallen Jedi to eliminate her cousin and she set Ulic up to be the new leader of the Krath. Since she had seduced Ulic, she believed that she could user beauty and hold over him to make him do whatever she wanted.

The Great Sith War

When Ulic became apprentice to Dark Lord of the Sith Exar Kun, Aleema began to lose what little control she still had over him. Realizing this, Aleema betrayed Ulic and made sure he was captured in their attack on Coruscant. Ulic was freed by Exar Kun and returned to lead the combined Sith and Krath fleet that he had formed. Eventually he would deliberately send her on a suicide mission against the Jedi. He convinced her to user her dark side powers to cause a supernova in a star cluster that would cause the destruction of a Jedi star fleet. What he did not tell her is that she would not be able to escape the supernova herself and would ultimately be killed. Aleema died knowing that she was about to die because of him. In the end the person she viewed as a play thing ended up using and killing her.

Powers and Abilities

Aleema was skilled in the Dark Side of the Force and was particularly skilled in Sith Magic. She had the ability to conjure illusions as well as foresee the near future. Eventually, with the aid of Sith artifacts and technology she would learn how to focus her abilities and cause supernovas.

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