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Alec Wagner's father was a member of the Split-Second Squad. He lived with his mother until her death. He then moved in with his grandparents, Hoyt and Ellie. He was secretly trained his entire life to be a member of the squad, his cousin Natalie often covering for him. But since he was just a teenager, he could care less about saving the world and just wanted to live his life with his high school sweetheart Mia.
But he was special to the team because he was half human and had instinct, which the other alien members lacked. 

Joining the Team

He was whisked away to help save the world on the night of his prom. He reluctantly decided to help. He was informed by Commander Hazard that Thinktank, their main weapon against alien invasion, had been stolen. During the mission, they were unable to retrieve the Thinktank and it was destroyed. It's contents spilled all over Alec. He soon received powers to predict the opening and closing of dimensional gates. He could also create his own gates, but this power was new and didn't always work the way he wished it to.
This caused him to miss the prom and anger his girlfriend. It also made him an important part of the Split-Second Squad.


Alec had graduated high school and now went to college at Mount Syber U, the secret base of the Split-Second Squad. He had blew all his opportunities with Mia and been left back a year because of missing so much class (a result of his importance to the squad). 
Because of his powers, he became the main target of the evil Mandelbrot. Since Alec was essentially a Thinktank, Mandelbrot required him to proceed with his invasion plans. He sent many mercenaries and agents after Alec. On one mission to stop one of those mercenaries, known as Wrythe, things seemed bleak. He disobeyed Hazard's orders to leave them behind. He helped them escape and created his own gate for them to cross through. But he was unaware of it's limitations and a member of the squad, Teah, was left behind. He was unable to locate her.
This caused tension between Alec and Trystan, a fellow member of the squad and boyfriend of Teah. While Alec had thought they had forgiven one another, Trystan plotted against him. Trystan began working with Mandelbrot to capture him and implanted Alec with a homing device that caused him to lose control of his powers. This was the go ahead for Mandelbrot's invasion.

Powers and Abilities

Intellect - Alec is extremely intelligent. He can tinker with any mechanical or electronic device and make it serve his purposes. He is able to create things far beyond Earth's technology. Most of Alec's weapons are modified by himself.
Power Suit - Like all members of the Split-Second Squad, Alec is equipped with a SSS Battle Suit which helps him on his missions. ( Info)
Dimensional Gates - After being splashed with the Thinktank, Alec has the ability to predict the opening and closing of dimensional gates. He can also open his own gates but doesn't have complete control over this ability yet.

Recurring Circumstances

Like most young men, Alec is ruled by hormones. He often tries to meet girls, but his duty to the squad often gets in the way. He also seems to have bad luck with women in the first place. 
On every mission, Alec is also covered in some kind of disgusting fluid, which he often complains about.

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