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A terrible sci-fi writer, Alec Trench could never get his scripts in 2000AD, so he decides to end it all by jumping off a bridge. At this point he is beamed aboard a flying saucer and physically experimented on to test resilience of pain on the human body (this involves hanging by his arms while being tickled under the armpit with a feather and having his feet held down and smashed with a mace).

Alec, not wanting to die, tricks the aliens in to thinking he wants to take their photo (!) After posing for a number of shots, he positions them between twin lasers and pulls the lever before they suspect what's happening.

Free, and alone on the craft, Alec quickly types out his experiences on his handy typewriter (while the details are still fresh), then plots his return to Earth (and to Kings Reach Tower, home of Tharg the Mighty and 2000AD) on the ships teleporter.

But, the co-ordinates are wrong! Materialising 20-stories up, Alec plummets to his doom, his story caught by a 2000AD creator droid, looking out the window at Kings Reach Tower, who gives Tharg the script, which is promptly accepted! Poor old Alec never gets to bask in his own success though...

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