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Albert Davis was a multimillionaire who married for love, and had kids. He supported museums, as he had a love of history and anthropology. But then his wife and kids were kidnapped, and were then killed. Davis purposely looses his company then moves out of the city.

In Green Arrow

Some years later he hires Riddler to distract Green Arrow, while he summons demons to protect the city. But it doesn't go as he planned, and the demons start enforcing law by killing people for any little thing. When Green Arrow and Mia Deardan arrive at his house he begs them to kill him, as it is the only way to break the curse. Mia grants his wish and shoots him with an arrow in the heart.

The Arrow TV Series

Albert Davis is a multimillionarie in Starling City and is a suspected accomplice in the attempted murder of Oliver Queen as well as several others. Oliver survived the supposed accident that got him stranded on an island and to Davis' surprise, Oliver is a changed man. Oliver is taking more of an interest in his father's company but he is using his limitless resources to finance his vigilante nightlife as the Arrow and bring those responsible for the murders of his friends to justice...dead or alive. Albert Davis and his fellow conspirators are terrified with the arrival of this Arrow vigilante so they call in a gun for hire. The greatest and deadliest mercenary of all time...Deathstroke. He also appears on Oliver´s list of corrupt and powerful men in Starling City alongside Hannibal Bates (Everyman), Danny Brickwell (Brick), Adam Hunt, and Martin Somers.

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