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Alastor is the enemy of the Legion of Super-Heroes. Dr. Jeffrey Scanlon was Alastor's consulting physician because Alastor was suffering from a psychotic breakdown. Alastor's current state of being was brought on by what happened to his sister during the late Earth-Man's xenophobic campaign. Alastor's sister was an exchange student who was visiting Earth when she was attacked. Alastor swore to exact his revenge on humanity by playing a cruel joke on the human genome. Alastor pleaded with a Psion scientist to create a plague that would infect any human within a certain radius. This virus would come to be known as the Hypertaxis virus. The Psion designed a pathogen that would cause a merger between alien and human DNA. Alastor was stopped by the Legion but certain individuals like Dr. Scanlon were compromised.

Dr. Scanlon became an energy being whose genetic code was now similar to that of a Teallian. At first, Scanlon feels isolated but at as time goes by, Scanlon begins to accept his newfound powers. The Legion member Wildfire became aware of Scanlon's genetic alteration when he notices an unusual energy signature that was dispersed nearby. The Legion confront the doctor and ask him to come into their custody in order to help him expel Alastor's pathogen from his body. Scanlon doesn't quite trust the Legion so he lashes out at them. Wildfire pities the good doctor and tries to consult him. Unfortunately, Scanlon disregards his former humanity and decides to self implode himself. Scanlon is Alastor's first of many victims that are yet to come.

Alastor has escaped his incarceration and now he has Carggian DNA mixed with his genetic structure which makes him three times stronger then he was before. Tellus finally confronts Alastor by giving him a glimpse into the future. It seems everyone in the future praises the evolution that the Hypertaxis Virus brought thus turning the purpose of the virus on itself. This mentally breaks Alastor's hatred towards humanity. Tellus has made Alastor believe that everyone in the future considers him a savior who has united humanity with the galaxy. This startling turn of future events disconnects Alastor's hopes of exacting his revenge on the human race. Tellus can only pray that this premonition will bring peace to Alastor's heart and perhaps comnpassion.

He has recently reappeared with the ability to possess others and has taken over the body of Dawnstar.

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