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Alarma Kraktovilova is one of the stranger characters in the most recent chapters of LOCAS. She is a massive young woman who lives with her mother in the Capri Apartments in the San Fernando Valley, the apartment complex managed by Maggie Chascarrillo.  
Little is known for certain about Alarma, but her behavior is very odd. Maggie spies on her, and on several occasions she has seen Alarma come home in the dead of night clad in a superheroine costume. Alarma does at least one good deed on these mysterious journeys, returning a strayed cat to one of the Capri's residents. 
Alarma is enormous--well over seven feet tall--and terrifically strong. She can leap from the roof of the Capri and land on her feet, and she has no difficulty tying up Izzy Ortiz during one of Izzy's worst fits of insanity.  She is usually quiet, but her personality is rather abrasive.
Alarma is very attractive, a fact which Hopey Glass (of course) notices immediately. She wears glasses most of the time, and her long, straight hair is probably an orange-red color. Alarma has one further physical peculiarity: several of her upper front teeth are fang-shaped. 
Alarma is a principal character in Jaime Hernandez' recent "Ti Girls" story.  In this, Alarma is revealed as a member of the Feenomenons or Feenoms, a crack team of young superheroines. (Alarma's mother was also a superheroine in Soviet days, Pravda the Red Truth.) Alarma becomes close with Maggie's young friend, Angel Rivera, who also aspires to be a superheroine. Alarma and Angel have many adventures together, but the "reality" of "Ti Girls" is uncertain; the whole story may be a dream sequence in Angel's head, Maggie's head, or both.

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