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One of the Trust bosses. Alaric is the Punisher´s contact with the Trust. He will provide weapons and everything he needs. He wants him to join the organization and secretly blows off the Punisher « Vermin Slayer » van in order to force him to join in.

Great manipulator. He is Angela's lover.. He initiated a brainwashing program in order to form group of assassins called Punishment Squad. This team is using the identity of the Punisher to kill mobsters. Alaric wants the Punisher at the head of his team but Castle despises their methods. Alaric Kills his main contact with the Trust, Texas. Manages to imprison the Punisher in one of his brainwashing cells. He is finaly defeated and forced by the Punisher to call the Ben Urich at the Daily Bugle and expose the Trust.

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