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Alanna Strange is a native of the planet of Rann, a world whose inhabitants appear exactly as humans do. Her father is Sardath, a scientist responsible for the invention of many highly technological items including the Zeta beam. This invention is the one most important to her as the Zeta Beam permitted that Adam Strange be teleported to Rann, where the two began their adventures together.


In the 1950s and 1960s, DC Comics used the ongoing series Showcase to effectively test the market pertaining to the potential popularity of a character. Some characters such as the Flash would go on to great popularity, while others such as the Challengers of the Unknown or Rip Hunter enjoyed consistent if not noteworthy success in their own series. In issue 17 of this series, Adam Strange was introduced, as was Alanna and Sardath. Shortly thereafter there were chosen to headline the series Mystery in Space, which had been essentially a space anthology. After the Adam Strange stories were plugged into the series though, the series focused solely around them

Character Evolution

Saving Adam from the ocean.

Despite appearing contemporary to other damsels in distress such as Lois Lane, Carol Ferris or the Invisible Girl, the stories surrounding Alanna generally focused more on her role as an effective heroine. She was often put in a position where she would have to be rescued, but equally she came to Adam's rescue fairly often as well. Many of her early appearances as highlighted the similarities between life on Earth and life on Rann. As the character progressed through her presentation, so too did the facts surrounding the character.

The nature of her relationship with Adam changed as he could stay on Rann, and the two of them eventually had a daughter named Aleea.

Major Story Arcs

As was typical from the Silver Age , her early appearances contained very little continuity for the character, as stories rarely spread out over even two issues, and thus were forced to be told in a single issue. The Mystery in Space stories contained what could be generally described as very similar plots, wherein Adam Strange would be teleported by the Zeta Beam to Rann and the two of them would venture off on fantastical adventures, for instance when they were rendered immobile while flying with their jet packs , or when they had to battle evil space eyes. Adam Strange went on to a degree of cult status, even appearing in later issues of the Justice League of America in the 1970s, but his supporting cast was mostly forgotten, so much so that major DC events such as Crisis on Infinite Earths had little effect on them. The cosmic based titles at DC go through periods of popularity though, and eventually she began to play a larger role, most notably in The Rann-Thanagar War and the following storylines in Infinite Crisis and 52 .

The New 52

Alanna Strange will join the new team called Justice League United, which will be Canada's first superhero team. Her new teammates will be Martian Manhunter, Stargirl, Supergirl, Hawkman, Green Arrow and Animal Man. She is Canadian and was a grad student named Alanna Lewis prior to eloping with her Anthropology Professor Adam Strange.

Major Story Arcs

Justice League Canada

While Stargirl, and Animal Man were meeting fans in Toronto Ontario, Canada, Adam Strange approached them asking for help, telling them that his on an anthropology dig a grad student disappeared, after seeing an alien skull and a machine that transported them to an alien planet for a second, they agreed to help find her. She was being kept by an alien scientist named Byth who harvested DNA from her and many other alien species in order to create an super powered alien under his control. Alanna was able to escape the prison with other prisoners thanks to the help of Hawkman, who was also being help captive. She tried to interrupt the birthing process of the Ultra alien but was unsuccessful, as was the Justice League United who arrived at the same time, seeing Adam they ran to embrace each other. In the commotion the Ultra alien caused the space station to explode, but luckily everyone was saved by Sardath by Zeta Beam just before destruction.

Adam and Alana were separated while hugging, and in the following commotion they continued to switch places at random unlike the other members of the league. After seeing each other again in the capital of Rann they got splitting headaches when close together, Sardath decided to Zeta Alanna back to Earth for her own safety. Once back on earth she found herself in an underground bunker beside some space suits, much like Adam's, hearing some rustling and crashing sounds she decides to put one on she finds a girl scared of a creature that took her friend Miiyahbin, and Alanna agrees to help find her. While following tracks outside they are attacked by the creature and Alanna fends it off with a blaster, and when it keeps coming she is able to fly away with the jetpack. They make it to the cave Miiyahbin is being kept, when Alanna offers to try to melt the ice, all she says she is scared to say a word, and that she doesn't know what will happen when she does. When the beast returns Alanna says if she knows anything she should do something, and Miiyahbin says KEEWAHTIN and is able to defeat the beast in a single blast before passing out. Alanna carries Miiyahbin back to the bunker by the time the rest of the league has returned without Adam as is appears unsafe for them to be near for the time being.

Powers and Abilities

Rannians are physically almost identical to humans, and as an average Rannian without super power, Alanna is comparable to an Earthling with an above average level of athletic ability. She is better known for her employment of technological items, many the same as her husband. One of the more common devices which she employs is a jet pack, which gives he the ability of flight. She is also know for her keen scientific mind, a trait she inherited from her father. In the silver age she is generally shown displaying the same level of courage as Adam Strange does, and often follows alongside him into dangerous situations.

In Other Media

Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Alanna appears in the episode "Mystery in Space!" where she is kidnapped by Gordanians before being rescued by Adam, Batman and Aquaman. She also appears in "Four Star Spectacular!" in a minor role. She was voiced by Cathy Cavadini.

Young Justice: Invasion

Alanna appears as a central character in the episode "Earthlings," where she guides Miss Martian, Superboy and Beast Boy through the jungles of Rann during an attempt to sabotage a Zeta platform illegally set up by Krolotean invaders. She displays an attraction towards Adam Strange, though they two are not yet an item. Like the rest of the residents of Rann, Alanna sports a more alien appearance, complete with pointy ears. She was voiced by Jacqueline Obradors.

Ame-Comi Girls

Alana Strange (note alternate spelling) appears in issue #14 of Ame-Comi Girls as the premier hero and defender of Rann in place of Adam Strange. She rescues Shayera Hol, Hawkgirl, and as many Thanagarians from Sinestra's invasion fleet by teleporting them from Thanagar to Rann with the use of Zeta beams. She explains to Shayera that they have been developing a living weapon, a cosmic-powered god named Metra, and will be making their stand against Sinestra on the planet Earth.

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