Alan Scott's personality

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I have to do an essay, and I need to know Green Lantern's personality. I said he was wise, fun to be around, and understanding, but I really don't have any examples or proof. Please help!


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His personality is fabulous.

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Should of picked Hal...

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@tacos_kickass: lol I saw what you did there. It's FABULOUS!!! ( snaps fingers)

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@wavemotioncannon: I don't get the reference. Please answer the OP's request of examples of Alan Scott's personality. Thank you.

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@xlr87t3: ummm it was a joke. A play on the word "fabulous" as used by gay men to denote they're doing well aka " fabulous".

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Alan is gay now???

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Alan Scot ( pre Flashpoint) had a nobility and sense of honor that stood him above many heroes.

He was the inspiration that led to many of National comics Golden Age mystery men taking up the fight ( many listing him in their early issues as such)

He was selfless and dedicated and gave much of himself. He did however hold himself to a higher standard than almost any comics hero.

For example in All Star Squadron 20 after battling the Brainwave in his mental world and believing him self to be the bringer of death he believed that none should wield the power he had and to protect mankind was prepared to destroy himself and his power so that it could not be used again.

This theme plays though his stories a lot. When fighting Ian Karkull Alan Fails to protect a boy from a falling tree. The result was that he resigns from the JSA. He told his team mates if he hadn't been stretched so thin and tired he would have thought of a way to save the boy.

When during JSA Strange tales Lord Dynamo promised untold scientific and medical breakthroughs in exchange for the power devices of Green Lantern and Starman Alan thought he should not have put his own concerns ahead of so many others.

Alan was the type of selfless individual who always put everyone before himself. To some degree this cost him as he put the good of the greater community so far ahead of himself he wasn't even aware of his own children's conception, or the love of the woman he loved.

When he became aware just like everyone else they came before him too.

He takes upon himself a greater responsibility than merely being a hero. The Green Flame ( the good magic that was part of the starheart) chose him to be the recipient of it's power because it knew he would strive more than any other to keep the evil power within in check

Hope that helps

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@beatboks1: Thank you, thank you, thank you!! You didn't have to answer anything but let this pathetic thread rot, but just like the true Green Lantern you showed consideration for our fellow viners and contributed more in your post than anyone here! For that, I give you my thanks, hero!

Also, I didn't know Jesse Quick had authentic runner's legs. That's what I'm talking about!

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