Alan Scott Respect Thread

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(Left to Right) Restrains Kyle Rayner after Kyle recently charged his ring, shields his teammates from Abraxis, and shows the ability to see through illusions.

First two are a couple random showings of his more modest offensive-power. The last scan has him alluded to as "potentially the most powerful human in the galaxy", and his 'death' possibly resulting in a fallout that could "level the solar-system".

Harms Mordru, and fights Obsidian.

Conjures a mace for Hawkman, that proves capable of smacking Black Adam around, another clarification that his power is "different' from other Green Lanterns, shows the ability to become intangible, and tail a being that moves at the speed of light.

Shows the ability to teleport, sifts through a trillion electro-chemical impulses to find 1, and fighting the source of his power AKA The Starheart.

Lastly, another showing of teleportation, and being unaffected by Extant's power.

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Awesome XiiX, showing some love for Alan <3

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Isn't Alan like way more powerful than hal and kyle and John.

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Nice scans.

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