When good Wiki goes bad!

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OMFG I am so chapped right now. Somebody gutted the massively detailed Alan Moore creator page I spent days researching and compiling, and because of all the Wiki points I accrued my name is stuck to this horrific thing for all to see. I assure you all I had nothing to do with the current mess that's posted under the Alan Moore entry.

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That totally sucks. Not that it helps, but I try to save backups on my big projects in case this type of thing happens. You have my sympathy.

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Hey, just so you know I rewrote that page. It was assigned as a wiki task because it was not formatted in accordance with the wiki style guide; the wiki style guide requires a brief description of the creator's career and a brief description of their personal life. I rewrote it to make it shorter, but I did do my best to incorporate the information you'd taken the time to research and post. I'm really sorry if this offended you in any way.

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