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Alan Moore is a comic book writer primary.  He is one of the most celebrated creators in comics ever and because of that he has become a pop culture icon.   Known as the man who wrote Watchmen, League of Extrodinary Gentlemen (LoEG), V for Vendetta and From Hell, which were all adapted into movies. Because of the cultural influence of Alan Moore there have been versions of him based on real life writer, he is found in metaphysical versions of within some  comic books and T.V. Shows. 

Canon Comic Appearances:

 From Hellblazer #120

 Snakes and Ladders
In the pages of Hellblazer #120 'Desperately seeking something."  Paul Jenkin's would have John Constantine (a character Alan Moore created) give him a salute in a bar.  This interaction refers to the fact Alan Moore in interviews has mentioned meeting John Constantine in real life.  Alan Moore would confirm these advents with having John Constantine featured in his Snakes & Ladders comic adaptation.    
Alan Moore would appear in Eddie Campbell's Alec series as a supporting character.  Alec: How to be an Artist (2001), was where this semi-autobiographical graphic novel has Alan Moore as his real life friend.   Alec would talk about how big Alan Moore was getting because of his fame from Swamp Thing
Alan Moore would also write himself into his series Promethea along with artist J.H. Williams III.   

Other possible comic appearances:

  • In Phil Hester's Firebreather: Iron Saint, Duncan and his class take a trip to London, England.  Pages 7-9 as well as page 20 have a character that resembles Alan Moore.  On page 7 where we first see this "curator" character, most of his name tag is visible and the name stops at "Mr. Moor".  The character's arm is up to obstruct the rest of the name tag, the name tag is long enough for an "E" to complete the name Mr. Moore.  Another possible nod would be the shadowy appearance he has on page 9, almost a nod to Alan Moore's appearance in Hellblazer #120.

TV appearances:

For Alan Moore's 54th birthday the Simpsons aired the episode Husbands and Knives, which he was a character in the show along side Art Spiegelman and  Daniel Clowes.

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