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Celebrating the Greatest writer in comics

Alan Moore is the most Celebrated writer in comics and I still consider him Underrated.  Why because it is easy to say he is the greatest, but those who say it do they know why?  Likely not since so much of his work is rare or out of print.  This book gives incite to the life of Alan Moore from birth to his 50th Birthday.
Another reason why I believe Alan Moore is underrated is because he stepped away from Mainstream comics and many comic readers never read past Watchmen, V for Vendetta, From Hell and the other books used to inspire Hollywood movies.  It is a maturity in comic reading that tends to be lost in the mainstream.  This is why Grant Morrison is so popular, he still works in the mainstream and his ideas are complex.  Those who don't get it, will get it after someone who gets it explains it.  One thing people forget, Alan Moore is the reason for this level of depth in comics.  People forget him because the general comic readers that run the market only read Superheroes, so something like Small Killing and Disease of Language are never heard of, but are wonderful reads.  Alan Moore is underrated because he is forgotten or not studied, when everyone who really says they love comics should do. To not understand why Moore had the biggest impact on comics is keeping to that immature view comics are just picture and words.  This is the "funny book" mentality that Moore was trying to break away.  Comics are a medium unique and special, but most people do realize how special it is.
There are chances that your favorite creators were "inspired" by Alan Moore and that is why their writing is so good.  Alan Moore changed the medium.  He pushed comics to places no one thought of and all this is not known to the general comic reader.  I love this book because it is great incite to the life of Moore.  It has Essays and articles of major players in comics and their relationship to Moore.  There are comics "inspired" by him in tribute.  There are rare pin-ups like Alan Moore's Mr. Monster picture.... yes Mr. Moore can draw.  
I simply think that anyone who really loves the comic book medium should check out this book. The History of Alan Moore is the history of modern comics and this is the textbook.  It is also a charity book!!!!  Alan Moore's life is a magical one indeed and to see comics as a form of magic really does open your eyes to what the medium can be.
(Happy Late Birthday Mr. Moore)
- SIlkcuts

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