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Aladdin is a thief, a gambler, and a con’ artist. He uses his keen wits, good looks and charming disposition to get what he wants but the truth is he doesn’t know really what that is. He’s empty inside but thinks that women and wine and riches will fill that void but it’s not working. He’s becoming more cold, callous and manipulative the older he gets.
His pregnant mother was found dying in the streets of Shambhalla and taken in by Madam Naomi of the local brothel. When she died, he was raised by the madam and her girls, so he has this insight into the minds of women and a grim view of the vices of men. As he gets older he plays both to his advantage, winning over and exploiting women with his charm, and conning men by appealing to their greed.  However, life on the streets of the vast, sprawling city of Shambhalla is hard and for all his bravado, Aladdin isn’t cut out for it. He’s in danger of being eaten alive by the place. What he doesn’t know is that he has a destiny, a heritage that quite literally flows in his veins.  He’s helped to an extent by Captain Sinbad but even he’s a shadow of his former self.

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