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From 1954 till 1961 famed fantasy artist Frank Frazetta toiled as a ghost on Al Capp's "Li'l Abner," one of the most popular cartoon strips of all time. Volume 3 collects the Sunday strips from 1958 to 1959. Ever wonder what shiftless hillbilly Li'l Abner does for a living? This volume reveals that he has a job... as a mattress tester! Abner also becomes a successful cartoonist and separates from Daisy Mae. Ever wonder how to pronounce Joe Bftsplk (the little man with the cloud over his head who is the world's worst jinx)? Al Capp reveals the easy answer. Earth is invaded by flying saucers, Hairless Joe becomes the Duke of Djaugh, Adam Lazonga returns, deadly turnip termites invade Dogpatch, General Bullmoose turns 99... and much more. 
SUNDAY PAGES by Al Capp, many penciled by assistant Frank Frazetta, who went on to his own fame after leaving Capp's studio in the early '60s.

World class satirist Capp's pen was as sharp as ever in the late '50s. His prescient targets in this 3rd volume include: included the Univac Computer (when computers filled an entire room), the Kennedy clan, outré women's fashions, and alien invaders. In this full-color hardcover album you'll see...

· The first and only "reverse" Sadie Hawkins Day race!
· How to pronounce Joe Btfsplk's name!
· Li'l Abner and Honest Abe pursue careers as... cartoonists!?!
· The search for Christopher Columbus's long johns.
· Famous lothario Adam Lazonga returns to Dogpatch to pass on his unique love-making secrets to hand-picked successor Tiny Yokum.
· And, in what is sure to be a feminist favorite, dutiful wife Daisy Mae gets "sick in the head" and becomes "uppity"!!    







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