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Cannon & Akiko

Akiko works as the assistant to Cannon Hawke. She has no knowledge about his life as a blue in the beginning of the comic but hears it from him in the end. After the experiences where Cannon Hawke was captured and almost had his body switched with the deceased Taras. It seemed as if the experiment was somewhat a success. In his body were now two minds, both Cannon and Taras, but with Cannon for the most part in control.

Cannon needed to find out how to get rid off the mind of his enemy inside his head and after series of events it lead to him revealing to Akiko that he was a Blue and had another mind in his body. He needed her to lock him up in a sealed room where he would take control of his mind again. Taras briefly took control of his body and tried to trick Akiko into opening the door acting as if he was Cannon. But she did not fall for it, in the end Cannon defeated Taras and Akiko opened the door holding him in her arms. After a while Cannon decided he had to go back to the sea but not before Akiko kissed him and told him to visit her again, showing him her love for him.

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