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Akasha herself dates back to pre Egypt in the land of Kemet as the queen. Together her and Ankiel outlawed cannibalism claiming that it was an evil act (when in reality she simply found it distasteful. During her rule she became very interested in the "invisible ones" and sought after the twins in order to speak to them. When they refused she ordered their village be destroyed claiming it to be a holy act again another example of Akasha's arrogance. When the twins explained the true nature of the spirits claiming there were no Gods in her kingdom because there were no Gods at all. Angered by this she ordered that one sister be ritualistically raped in front of the entire court. For thisd the older twin cursed her by calling on the help of Amel an evil spirit who enjoyed the taste of blood. After several weeks of torturing both the queen her king and his court, the queen called on the sisters to remove the spirit.

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