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Brief History

Akasha Martinez was a common teenager of Utah. The daughter of divorced parents, Akasha spent much of her free time racing dirt bikes with her friends. During a race she noticed something falling from the sky. She approached the object and accidentally collided with it. A flash of light followed and Akasha fell comatose.

What she touched was planetary remains of Living Pharaoh/ Ahmet Abdol. She had gained access to his memories and collapsed due to sensory over stimulation. Some time later, Akasha was visiting her father in New York City. She found her steps taking her to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and History. There she located and claimed the Staff of Horus.

Akasha was turned into a new incarnation of the Living Pharaoh. She soon attracted the attention of Spider-Man, an old foe of her predecessor. She managed to use Ahmet's memories and her new powers effectively in combat against him. She proclaimed herself a living incarnation of the Egyptian Gods and Pharaohs. She defeated Spider-Man but then refused to kill him. Akasha was unaware that Ahmet's conscious was subtly manipulating her. Spider-Man came to realize it. He shattered the Staff. Freeing Akasha from Ahmet's influence. She gained better control of her powers, grew wings and flew away. Determined to forge her own destiny.


Akasha can hurl and project energy beams to a variety of effects. The blast of one of her beams completely destroyed a large lead-lined safe. She has a mystical sixth-sense which initially allowed her to both sense Spider-Man and gain access to his spider-sense. She had superhuman strength, at least approaching that of Spider-Man (able to lift 10 tons). She could teleport. She demonstrated an ability to subtly manipulate people in her close proximity. She might have retained some of Ahmet's skills and knowledge as an archaeologist.

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