Chunin exams

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During the test in the Chunin exams Akamaru told Kiba the answers. The way this was helpful was because nobody else could understand what he was saying except Kiba.

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So....Kiba should've become a Chunin. Plain and Simple. What's the point of this thread?

And Kiba should've won against Naruto

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Okay we know that. So, whats the purpose here? Are you just saying you think Kiba should have won or something like that.

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Copy says:

"Kiba should have won."

I think we all know that.

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I'm glad Naruto won. But the way the fight went yea Kiba should have won. But I think the fight should have gone differently from the beginning if they wanted Naruto to win. But the way the fight went Kiba did have the advantage.

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