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In Prison

Ajex was is a member of the Warriors and he is always looking to bust heads. He worked his way up in the ranks and almost became a runner up to the gang to become warchief should anything happen to the actual warchief. He fought Swan another gang member for the chance to be the second in command but lost the bout. After this he was selected as one of nine delineates who was selected by Cleon the actual warchief to go to a gathering of all the recognized New York City gangs. At this meeting Cleon is beaten and presumed killed. It is after this that Ajax challenges Swan again to be warchief. He backs down but looks like he may challenge again later. As the gang made their way through New York City Ajax gets arrested when he tries to rape an undercover cop. In prison Ajax is as bad as he was on the streets.

Other Media

On the Subway

The Novel

Ajax was originally in the novel Warriors written in 1965 by Sol Yurik

The Movie

The character of Ajax was in the movie and played by James Remar. He was part of the nine Warrior delegates that go to represent the gang at a big rally.

The Video Games

The Video games were based more on the movie than the novel and used all the same characters. It also took them through the same scenes of the film.

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