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Airborne is a high-tech mercenary and member of the Death Squad alongside teammates Firefight, Rocket Launcher, Smokescreen and Boobytrap. They were hired to eliminate Tony Stark and confronted him one evening at one of his construction projects. Stark managed to escape from their initial assault and change into Iron Man. Airborne and the Death Squad failed to destroy Iron Man and retreated. 


Airborne was created by Kurt Busiek and Sean Chen in 1998 and first appeared in Iron Man # 1.

Story Arcs

 The Death Squad with Whiplash & Nitro.  
Airborne and the Death Squad reappeared with Whiplash and Nitro when SHIELD agent Jenna Carlisle enlisted the aid of Tony Stark regarding some ionic-based murders. The Death Squad, Whiplash and Nitro ambushed Iron Man while he was looking at body of Grover Raymond inside the Long Island Cemetery. Firefight and the rest of the Death Squad retreated in their jet when Nitro kept exploding. Iron Man followed the jet to a castle located somewhere in Siciliy and took down some members of the Death Squad. Airborne, the Death Squad and Iron Man were all taken down by an ionic shock produced by the floor they were fighting on. Iron Man discovered that the man who hired the mercenaries to eliminate him was Count Nefaria

Skills & Equipment

Airborne is a skilled mercenary equipped with a jet-pack that allows her to fly and maneuver at high speeds. Airborne has a gatling type gun on each wrist that allows her to fire at a rapid rate.

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