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As Unpredictable As Ever

The Story:  
Blythe meets a gypsy an winds up in bed with him. He tells her false things about Zayn to try and turn her against him. In the middle of the night Zayn comes through the window to find her with him. She later goes on a journey and encounters Zayn's brother who clarifies the false accusations she was told by the gypsy. Blythe is starting to feel the effects of overdosing on her meds and ends up in the hospital. Amelia Earhart sets out to find Zayn and does. She talks him into coming back with her to see Blythe. Blythe and Zayn have a short reunion until Blythe loses control and winds up in the past.  

My Thoughts:  
Once again this series has proven to be an unpredictable experience. G. Willow Wilson is a very creative writer and I'm eager to find out where she takes Blythe next. The most surprising part of this volume for me was when Blythe ended up in bed with another man. What made it more surprising was the fact that Zayn walked in. My favorite part would be the reunion between Blythe and Zayn. Yes I prefer romance over terrorism, call me what you want. 

The art is by M.K. Perker whose style is so elegant. I love how he captures facial expressions and emotion. The coloring is soft and nice on the eyes. The covers are as unique as the story. 

Air is truly a unique and uplifting series that comic readers should give a chance. It's unlike anything I've ever read. The themes this comic has to offer and the way they are presented are executed exceptionally well.   

Rating: 4/5
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