Star Wars: The Clone Wars - "Padawan Lost"

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as always, the animation is outstanding.
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More  Trandoshan s, still when are Zuckuss and 4-Lom turning up?
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was that Bossk at the end there?
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i really need to catch up with the Clone Wars...the animation is amazing...

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One of my favorite animated shows, they do a really good job with this, I do not really follow Star Wars, but this show is great!

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@spystreak: I haven't watch the ep. yet but I don't think so. Bossk has appeared before (in his familiar yellow jumpsuit).
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It wont load up for me.

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@spystreak said:
" was that Bossk at the end there? "
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 The show sure looks a lot nicer and cleaner than when it started a little a while back.

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I'm feeling a fan boy cant admit bossk losing...
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looks cool.
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@Fetts said:
" @spystreak said:
" was that Bossk at the end there? "
No. "

damn I like Bossk should have more appearances other than the expanded universe comics

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