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Introduced in The Odyssey Sneak Preview comic character description page she features in The Odyssey story arc. 
On being cast out of heaven she traveled through the Nexus and cast around in despair for a place to exist and found the lush jungle world of Manicore.  When she arrived she was dying and took the worlds power source, the Soulain, and is now bound to it. She froze the planets surface with the soulain's power and created a cathedral of silence in which to live in despair. Creatures who know of the place shut it and never disturb her peace. 
When Pagan tricked Lady Death into the void Vandala revived her spirit by sending her to Manicore where Pandemonium thought she was an angel come to free them from Agony. 
Pandemonium guides Lady Death to the cathedral and they are attacked by Agony in the form of a dragon. She is an ancient being and is intrigued that Heaven considers her a  factor in the Judgement Era. Changing to her serpent form she coils around Lady Death and chills her. Lady Death has one last blast of power available and can't waste it if she is to win. She relaxes and slips through the the coils and as Agony comes in to bite her throat Lady Death grabs the Soulain and releases a massive blast directly into Agony.

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