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Blue Skies 2

Episode 2 of Marvel's foray into live-action television suffers from many of the problems episode one did, if you read my previous review ( ). Again, most of this is due to bland characterization. Again, Coulson steals the show. And again, every one of the characters stays in their neat little character box, with very little moving beyond.To be fair, this still could be much worse. I expected this show to be ...

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Episode 102: "0-8-4" (SPOILERS) 0

The second episode of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD aired last night. During the preview at the end of the first episode, we were teased with the phrase "Oh-eight-four." In last night's episode, we found out what an 0-8-4 is. It's the code for an object of unidentified origin. The last 0-8-4 Coulson dealt with was Thor's hammer in the dessert. This 0-8-4 takes the team out of the country to a South American jungle.The episode began excitedly, with a gaping hole in the SHIELD plane's hull mid-flight....

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Team Building Exercise: Fight a Common Enemy 0

The pilot was Joss Whedon setting his team up to be a successful, largely self sustaining, enterprise. “0-8-4” is written by showrunners Maurissa Tancharoen & Jed Whedon and staff Jeffrey Bell. It’s a bit clunky in how it uses meaningless sci-fi mumbojumbo but due to a reliance on a well worn plot that every show like this needs to do eventually it isn’t all that bad. Passably entertaining feels like the correct adjective.the Macguffin WhispererWhat is an 0-8-4? It is code that means, it is...

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Great as the Pilot (NO SPOILERS) 0

The episode like the pilot made me think it was the best series by Marvel. The episode had traveling to Peru. The episode is also bilingual. The episode is very diverse. There is deep character development. The robots from the pilot are also reused....

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A Trip to Peru 6

This review was originally posted on my website Imagination Centre (here).This is a series that I was looking forward to for quite some time, and although the first episode didn't wow me as much as I hoped it would, it was still very entertaining, introducing the characters brilliantly, and overall being a great start for the series. I do however hope that it gets better over time though.PlotS.H.I.E.L.D. head to Peru to investigate a 0-8-4 event.ReviewThis was a very entertaining episode, and I ...

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Improving character development, suprise guest star and much more! 0

This is from my blog earlier with a little more added in...I just finished watching. I was right to give Ward a chance to become likable since he was a pill in the last episode. In this episode, his professionalism and intelligence help him to talk to the others better when things got tense. I really like it in a tv show when the characters use their brain to interact with others and don't do stereotypes.I still like Fitz-Simmons, I think they're great and funny, but I guess I'm the only one.It'...

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