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Agents Of Atlas Making Moves

The Story: 
The Agents Of Atlas pull off a gold heist and land on Norman Osborn's radar. They Agents Of Atlas decide to take the fight to his door as they battle Osborn's Avengers. While neither party likes the other, the two attempt to create a business arrangement. Before long, Atlas catches the attention of Captain America leading to a full-on battle between Atlas and the New Avengers.  

My Thoughts:  
Writer Jeff Parker scripts an intriguing story with a team of interesting characters (for the most part). What I like about this team is the unorthodox combination of characters it's made up of. The only character on the team I'm not completely sold on is Gorilla-Man. Reading a talking gorilla walking around isn't something that exactly gets me excited. However, Jimmy Woo, Namora, Venus and Marvel Boy all show prominence and the ability to carry this series if necessary. 

The later addition of Temugin (Mandarin's son) to the story was very interesting. I'm eager to see if he'll play a role in the following issues. My favorite part of this comic was the showdown between the Agents Of Atlas and the New Avengers. The fight ended unexpectedly while leaving a cliffhanger for readers to think about. 

The bonus issues Wolverine: Agent Of Atlas and Agents Of Atlas, Giant-Size Marvel Adventures #1 didn't hold up compared to the main story. They lacked depth and excitement in my opinion. 

The art was done by a handful of artists. My favorite art was for the main story going on. The coloring was excellent on it and I especially like the way Captain America was frown. The rest of the art for the flashbacks and the short stories was average at best. The bonus variant covers at the end by Ed McGuinness were pretty cool as well. 

Overall this was a nice beginning to the series that gives new readers of Atlas great insight to these characters history while not only grabbing your attention and interest, but also keeping it making you want to read more about this team again. 

Rating: 3.5/5
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