Will Agent X/Nijo Return to The Comics

#1 Posted by xXLukeCageXx (53 posts) - - Show Bio

I remember he was awesome and all that, then suddenly he got the American Gene and it turned him fat and Bob was assigned by Deadpool to get Agent X Back In Shape. I wanted to know do you think he will Return ?

#2 Posted by xXLukeCageXx (53 posts) - - Show Bio

Here is a Picture of Him

#3 Posted by pinchpaker29 (470 posts) - - Show Bio

Not sure, but I like Agent X. i hope he comes back, last I heard of him was news of Outlaw breaking up with him. I'm sure his return is inevitable. :D

#4 Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir (19714 posts) - - Show Bio

Last I heard he was slowly losing weight, but it may be a while. His return of  course will come in due course.

#5 Posted by TheGrey (8 posts) - - Show Bio

Agent-x wasn't mentioned on " Deadpool Corps: Rank And Foul". Everybody else  was: outlaw, sandi, black swan... 
But he wasn't.. I don't think that he will be back.
#6 Posted by Deadpool_17 (18 posts) - - Show Bio

Agent-x was awesome. He sure will come back.

Hey, btw there's something i don't understand... In the last issue of Agent-X, Alex Hayden's scars were transfered(something like that) to the Black Swan. 
But then how did he still have the scars in Cable&Deadpool ???

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